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Life can be hard and there are times when we can feel overwhelmed by the struggles we face. At these times we often need someone to talk to, someone who will listen to us, without judging, who can provide the extra help and support we need to get us through the tough times. This is where I can help.

My name is Sophia Elise and I am a qualified and experienced Counsellor, Relationship Therapist, Supervisor and Nurse based in Auckland. I have a Masters in Applied Practice, Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in Nursing and a Certificate in Professional Mentoring, Supervision and Coaching. I provide a confidential, face-to-face or online, counselling and relationship therapy service for adults, teenagers, families and couples. I also provide supervision services for other professionals. 

I will work with you, to your agenda, helping you find the answers and solutions to the challenges you are facing. I am passionate about helping people turn their vision for their future into reality, and to live the best life possible. Help is available, you can feel better.

Contact me today to make an appointment.

Appointments available:

Monday - Thursday 9am-6pm


Please note: 

While in "Red setting" of the Covid framework, all appointments will be online.

In "Orange" the majority of appointments will be online, except for those few that can't work online and need face to face appointments.