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I provide counselling services for adults, teenagers and families. My counselling approach is based in Collaborative Therapies where I draw mainly from Narrative Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. At times I incorporate aspects of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuroscience, Attachment theory and other modalities as appropriate. 

Narrative therapy begins by listening to your story (what we see, feel, and do), without judgment then working to help you to change your current “problem story” to a “success story”. It includes identifying the problem, noting the exceptions to the problem, uncovering your strengths, skills and abilities, envisioning future possibilities, finishing with you living out your new “success story”. 

Solution Focused Brief Therapy helps to increase hopefulness and facilitate change by engaging in solution focused talk. We focus on future possibilities, solutions, optimistic thinking and work together to identify and establish effective patterns of behaviour. You choose your own goals which are small and realistic. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy focuses on the automatic negative thoughts that can create feelings of anxiety or depression which keep us stuck in life. We will work to identify these thoughts and how they affect your life and learn how to challenge and rewrite them so that you feel more hopeful, optimistic and happier.  

My practice is guided by the NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors) Code of Ethics and I hold a current practicing certificate as a full member.

Do you have some more questions? Either Contact me directly or check out my FAQ page. 

As your counsellor I will:

  • Work alongside and with you in partnership.
  • Consult with you about your goals, directions and thoughts around the counselling process.
  • Combine your personal knowledge and expertise, with my abilities as a counsellor, so that we work together to find your own individualised ways forward.
  • View the problem as separate from the person i.e. the problem is the problem, the person is not the problem.
  • Acknowledge and jointly identify your own unique skills, abilities, strengths, values, commitments, beliefs and competencies that will help you with the problems that may be influencing your life.
  • Develop practical tools, techniques and resources to assist you.
  • Promote self-reliance and the use of your own resources in meeting whatever challenges are present and also develop your own ways of managing things in the future.
  • Make all case notes available to you and written in your words with no technical or theoretical terms used.
  • Be transparent with my thoughts and ideas and allowing room for you to disagree or correct me.
  • Not make assumptions or judgments.
  • Enjoy the spontaneity of our conversation.